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African Safari

African Safari Wildlife Park

If travelling to Africa is too long of a journey for you, here's a less time consuming, cost effective way of gaining the same experience.

Located in Port Clinton, only 10 miles away from west of Cedar Point, African Wildlife Safari Park is a one-stop-shop for a thrilling experience with nature. It is the perfect place to experience fun rides through over 100 acres while enjoying the scenic beauty and beautiful sights of rare and exotic animals from around the world.

African Safari Wildlife Park

If you are looking for a weekend getaway detached from the techno-busy world, visiting African Safari Wildlife Park will be one of the best choices to make. Majority of people who make South Beach Resort their home-away-from-home for a few days usually take advantage of the opportunity to visit the African Safari Wildlife Park as it is a good part-plan to be included even in a family vacation trip. However, make sure to check the time tables before you plan the trip because the African Safari Wildlife Park usually operates from May 24 to September 1 during the summer, September 2 to November 2 in fall and from March 20 to May 23 in spring. During the summer, the park operates from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. daily, while in fall and spring it operates from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. The park announces what is called "extended full operation weekend dates", so keep an eye open for that as well.


As per the animals you will find; the park has over 50 different species varying from zebras to camels.

Warthogs are a major attraction in the park followed by the popularity earned after movies such as Lion King. Not only it is a place to enjoy nature, but it is also a great place where you can take your kids to let them experience a sense of reality that lives within their fantasy worlds.Ever fancied a ride on the ships of the desert? African Safari Wildlife Park offer free rides on camels in their walk-thru so don't forget to make it an experience of a life time. Camels are the most photogenic of all and they would be the last to become camera shy. So remember to carry your camera to shoot some top model photos with a variety of exotic camels that are lodging at the park.

Drive your own car but Beware!

There is no restriction as to the number of times you can drive through in this 100 plus acres preserve. You can spend all the time you wish while feeding the animals and enjoying their natural beauty. The park will provide you with one bucket of food free of charge while any extra buckets you may need can be purchased from the office. If you proceed towards Safari Junction, you will be able to attend pig races and educational animal shows. It is also noteworthy to mention that free pony rides are offered between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

The park has its own safari grill so there's no need to worry about hunger or thirst as they have cheeseburgers to hand dipped ice cream along with side orders of chips, pretzel or popcorn and fountain drinks included as a part of their menus. If you are travelling with kids, you can check out the children's meals they have on offer.But here's the best deal at all. African Safari Wildlife Park is a great place to throw a surprise party for a loved one. Yes you read it right! They welcome party animals too. So if your family vacation coincides with your kid's birthday, you can make it extra special at the African Safari Wildlife Park.

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