South Beach Resort

South Beach Resort Hotel and Cottages in Marblehead is near Cedar Point, Put-In-Bay and all the Great Lake Attractions!

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Cedar Point

Water Taxi to Cedar Point

South Beach has a water taxi to Cedar Point, text or call Captain Jeff at 407-470-2176. One-Way to Cedar Point is $40 / Round Trip $75. Avoid the traffic, long lines and parking fees. Get dropped off at Cedar Point's Marina, steps from the Marinas Park Entrance. Text Captain Jeff when you're ready to be picked up.

Cedar Point

Cedar Point received the Golden Ticket Award for "Best Amusement Park in the World"!

Cedar Point is a world full of fun. Being one of the largest amusement parks in the world, Cedar Point offers amazing family fun packages to keep your whole family busy and entertained throughout your vacation. Activities in the park vary from numerous rides to live shows. So if you have allocated just one day for the trip, here's the warning to revise your plan for what Cedar Point has in store for you is boundless.

What can be better than a water ride on a hot summer day? After you exert yourself in fun activities around the park, water rides may give you a fresh start you desperately need. If you want to feel the excitement while you quench your thirst for water, Snake River falls will keep you entertained. If you are looking for a relaxing experience, Thunder Canyon is the best.

Finding food around the park is not a difficult task as you may assume. Cedar Point has forty quick service locations, eleven full service restaurants and eighty six specialty carts spread all over the park to cater your needs. Don't be surprised to find typical amusement park food such as elephant ears, cheese-on-a-stick, home-made fudge, hot dogs on a stick, frozen bananas and similar because Cedar point is dedicated to let you have fun in everything you do, be it riding, sun-bathing or eating.

Roller Coaster Capital of the World!

If you love roller coasting, you should definitely allocate more time to be spent around the 17 roller coasters that Cedar Point has to offer. That's right! They have 17 different roller coasters to keep you enthralled. You will find similar delight in the thrill rides ranging from spinning, whirling, rolling, rocking, rotating, turning upside down and much more at a speed of 50 Mph. Feeling dizzy already? Well, we are not done as yet!

If you love the feeling of spinning, there is no other place than Cedar Point to keep you entertained. The spinning rides of Cedar Point range from cars that spin counterclockwise while the entire base structure spins clockwise to spinning effects that will make the riders feel as if they are spinning through air. However, Cedar Point has not forgotten to facilitate fun rides to those who love slow motion. With their partner 'Monster' in the house, any person of any age can enjoy this slow paced ride.


Wondering whether Cedar Point is suitable for young children?

If you are wondering whether Cedar Point is suitable for kids? The answer is there will be no other place a kid would want to be. Cedar Point is equipped with everything from Balloon races, Police cars, Peanuts to Snoopy games. So simply put, Cedar point is a child's ultimate playground! When we talk about ultimate fun, Carousels at Cedar point cannot be ignored. They bring back memories and emotions with their authentic touch and gentle whirling. You can choose the perfect ride out of three different types and ride until you drop. If 'riding until you drop' is not your perfect idea about having fun, you could move on to tranquil rides. Under the tranquil ride category, you can ride in three-quarter scale replicas of antique cars in slow motion, real coal fired steam locomotives which will take you on a two mile trip over bridges and through a animated 'old west' land, a giant wheel which will let you enjoy finest views from Cedar point, paddlewheel excursions in cedar point's lagoons, family favorite sky rides and much more.

Shows and Entertainment

Cedar Park's fun does not end there. They also host various live shows to keep the crowds entertained. Some of the famous events include roller bladders, skate boarders, ice skaters and gravity defying bikers. It is quite impossible to miss the summer party atmosphere inside Cedar Point that's created with musical spotlights playing hits from 60's to modern techno. Cedar Point will make memories worth a life time. So make it a memorable, fun filled family vacation this summer by heading towards Lake Erie!

It is best to reserve your tickets before you visit Cedar Point to become eligible for any family weekend offer or family vacation offer they may have. If you are member of AAA, you may be entitled for discounted tickets and other advantages. Cedar Point is a pioneer in aggregating crowds. It is estimated that approximately 3 million people visit Cedar Point during its 140 days operating season. May, June and September are said to have the lowest turn around rate throughout the year while, statistics show that Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to have the lowest attendance rates. So if you are in for a non-crowded experience, you may want to consider scheduling your visit appropriately.


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