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South Beach Resort Hotel and Cottages in Marblehead is near Cedar Point, Put-In-Bay and all the Great Lake Attractions!

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Miller Boat Lines

Miller Boat Lines

All Season Ferry to Put-In-Bay

If the beating of the waves and the warm water of the lake seem to be calling unto you while you are relaxing at South Beach Resort, there is something for your heart's desire.


As of today, the Miller Boat line has become the main connection between Catawba and the Bass Islands. Throughout the 1940s and the 1950's the ice business bloomed. The early history of Miller Boat Line is interesting where it was pioneered by William M. and Mick Arndt purchasing the Catawba Dock company stocks from the residents of Catawba in the mid 1940's.

Lee saw the need of having a more organized and secured ferry system. This brought about the "all steel passenger ferry" to existence. The original 65 foot enclosed ferry could hold up to 12 cars and was built in durability to withhold the beating of Lake Erie. The trip from Miller's dock to Catawba usually takes around 40 minute and it would do three round trips within a day. From the 1946, it started trips to Middle Bass Island as well.

Passengers, Cars and Trucks

As the years passed, more side load crafts joined the fleet, bringing more and more clearance.

In 1959 the Put-in-Bay was designed to bear overhead clearance, making it possible for bigger vehicles and even large trailer and mobile homes to be accommodated. From then vehicle owners simply trusted and put their vehicles in the experienced hands of the crewmen who maneuvered the vehicles on and off the ship. Today the Miller Boat Line promises that there is no more need of a long waiting time for all walk-on-passengers. The time of the trips also have been reduced to a maximum of 20 minutes, being available from early spring to late fall. The starting time from Put-in-Bay begins at about 6:30am and from Catawba at around 9:10 and runs at a regular 30 minute interval.

Miller Ferry

Keeping up with the modern times and services the smaller fleets were sold off replacing it with modern new ones, also the old planks were got rid of and now fitted with hydraulic ramps. Today due to the increasing number of visitors there is also a large parking area adjoining the dock. The boat line today contains lots of added services and packages making the travel between Lake Erie not just tremendously easy, but also a great experience too. Miller Boat line offers a prefect way of putting that memorable moment into your perfect vacation. For all further details you could look up the Miller Boat Line official website at


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