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Mon Ami

Mon Ami Winery

Award Winning Wine - Award Winning Cuisine

For that touch of elegance and style, to sip on some delightful wine and relax, no place could be more recommended today than that of this oldest winery, located around Lake Erie Island region, close to South Beach Resort.

Rich History

The winery rich in history dates back to the 1870's established by the Catawba Island grape growers. Proudly boasting of a production of around 35,000 liter capacity, it soon established it self as the largest winery in the area. In 1937 the winery was bought off by the Mon Ami Champagne Company and shortly after it moved all its equipments from Sandusky to Catawba producing 400,000 to 500,000 bottles of different wines, ranging from Champagnes to still wines.

Old Stone Celler

Mon Ami definitely delivers you that tranquility and ambiance that makes your dream getaway a wonderful and pleasurable memory with its scenes, cuisines and not forgetting its irresistible flavors in wines that it's known for.

The magic and charm of the place is not resisted to its winery alone but also the affixed restaurant opened on the ground floor. Mon Ami offers a wonderful dining experience to be added into the scenic beauty and lovely surrounding, adding that most wanted tranquility and calmness into a pleasurable and relaxing vacation.The main Dining Room features many extraordinary and exuberant creations from Mon Ami's executive Chef that will keep you baffled for days to come. It also has its popular Seafood Buffet on Saturdays and brunches on Sundays. If you are more about the casual taking, you need to stop by the Chalet Lounge, where there is a variety of entertainment. There is live Jazz on Sundays, dancing on Friday & Saturday nights which will set up the perfect ambiance for your romantic getaway.


The choice in menu not only come in a wide range of fantastic cuisines but also comes with a great choice of exquisite wines to compliment them. You can also enjoy every day entices that introduce different flavors, with different weekly specials and live entertainment. The range of wines available for you taste is endless, giving you an opportunity to go even on a Wine tasting tour. The wine available varies from whites to reds to dessert wines, blush wines, fruit wines and along with a wide range of selection in champagnes.

Its enchantment does not cease there, Mon Ami also give you the opportunity for any special events you would like to host. It may be occasions calling for a relaxed atmosphere or more of a formal style. Mon Ami makes the perfect setting and offers a variety of venues to cater your needs and moods. In addition their executive chef can tailor cuisines to suit your sweetest dreams. So in short, Mon Ami is that perfect romantic getaway that anyone could think of. Located just a few miles away from South Beach Resort, it's a perfect drop by to make your vacation a relaxing and even a memorable one. For all further details you could browse through Mon Ami's official website at


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