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South Beach Resort Hotel and Cottages in Marblehead is near Cedar Point, Put-In-Bay and all the Great Lake Attractions!

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Perry's Cave

Perry's Cave

Family-fun complex with a limestone cave, mini golf, gem mining, a rock wall & a butterfly house.

Perry's Cave is a great family fun center. It is filled with excitement, adventure and learning in its core, making it a top candidate for a great vacation retreat for a family get away during any time of the year. Put-in-bay is located on South Bass Island located in Lake Erie's western Basin. The island is about 3 miles from Port Clinton, Ohio and is accessible from boats or ferries.


There are many things to explore at Perry's cave from the deepest darkest secrets in its caves to the thrills of heights in its rock climbing walls.The natural lime stone, Perry's Cave, is registered today as one of Ohio's Natural Landmarks. It lies 52 feet below the surface of the island and was discovered in 1813 by Commodore Oliver Perry, a hero in the Battle of Lake Erie. The elegance of the stalactites and stalagmites in the 200 feet long by 160 feet wide cave is something that can be fathomed only by seeing it yourself. The cave pearls, the ceiling and the floor created by heavy calcium deposits, encrusting its paths are a wonder that would last a life time. There is also an underground lake located in the cave, whose waters rise and falls with the water changes in Lake Erie. It is also believed that Perry's men drank from this fresh water when they became ill.


There are regular tours at frequent intervals starting from the shopping areas, a regular tour lasting an average of 20 minutes.

The guides are very courteous and knowledgeable making the tours much fun and attractive. The amusement and fun doesn't stop here, back at the grounds you are surrounded by the sheer wonder of nature with hundreds of butterflies in the Enclosed Butterfly house. The butterfly house was opened in 2004 and is 4000 square feet aviary housing over 500 different butterflies from all corners of the globe. Take a relaxing stroll in the aviary with soothing music as butterflies' flit around.

Breathing in the lovely scents and tranquil environment makes it an unbelievable romantic get away from all hassles of life. There are secret walkways through the garden, especially designed for kids to get a close hand on knowledge about the butterflies and its natural environment. A 15 minute education presentation also can be added for absolutely no extra charge. You can continue your journey as you pan for real gemstones or fossils at their very own Gemstone Mining Sluice. You could purchase a rough mix or an uncut Geode at the shop or enjoy the experience of panning for real gemstones and fossils. You may also cut into the geode to reveal your very own rough exterior gemstone.

More than just a Cave

Then for a bit of excitement you could challenge the FortaMAZE, the only giant maze in the Put-in Buy. It is loads of fun either racing each other or working as a team. Additionally, you could take on a challenge at the 18 hole miniature golf course too. The War of the 18 Holes miniature golf brings history to a whole new dimension. Charter your way through historical facts about the 1812 war and the role of commodore Oliver Hazard Perry in the battle of Lake Erie to relive the history! The activity undoubtedly is a lot of fun. After all the exhilaration, walk over to the antique car museum, where you get the unique chance of viewing the Islands oldest automobiles from the rare motel T's to vintage gasoline memorabilia. This unique collection by Charles "Skip" Duggan is a wonderful attraction for all ages and it's totally free. Right through your stay you could always enjoy all the great refreshments available at the DanDee's Snank Shack while enjoying the tons of souvenirs and takeaways available at 'The Shop' at the top. There are loads of packages and other promotions that are available on a regular basis, so check for updates and offers on Perry's Cave's official website is another must do. So browse through their website at and keep exploring!


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