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Sandusky Maritime Museum

Sandusky Maritime Museum

A rich maritime history

Fun times are often forgotten in no time. However, at Sandusky your adventure and fun time will take you a step further in to Education so that you can make this family vacation just a little bit more interesting. Boating has been an important part in the life around Lake Erie, and the Maritime Museum of Sandusky, gives you that golden opportunity to get first hand experience of all sorts of marine works. Tours could be adopted for various groups and specific topics; the tours usually last for about 30 to 40 minutes but you should allocate additional time for other activities.

Boat Building

Since the year 1996, the Museum has conducted boat building classes. The early classes were taught by retired Lyman workers where six adults and six teenagers teamed up to build a pair of 13' Lyman Leader replicas. Your maritime education begins with the raw materials provided to build a craft. For educational and research purposes there are many resources available as well. Birthday parties are celebrated with a nautical theme at the museum. Children can have a fun time building their own sail boats and playing games with a marine and nautical touch. They can choose from either a pirate adventure or a sailing adventure. The birthday girl or the birthday boy will get other treats like a captain's hat etc. This is a different and an awesome way to celebrate your child's birthday away from the hassle in your busy life and its costs only $ 11.00 to $ 14.00 per child.


Commercial Shipping gives you the opportunity to learn about the different models and to refresh and learn about its history. This will enhance the visitors' understanding of various freighters and will help them to understand the structure of an ore freighter.

Commercial fishing, not too long back in time Sandusky was known as the Fresh water fish capital of the world. So here it will give you the opportunity to look at the various different models of fishing boats and even make a model of them. Passenger boats and ferries you also get a chance to learn about the passenger boats that regularly roam around commuting passages around Cedar point and Sandusky docks. You could also see and learn about the old paddle boats.


In the museum there are other recreational and pleasure boats that you can also learn about and make models of.The outreach programs can be arranged in your classroom within a time frame of one hour for each program. The boats of Sandusky's Underground Railroad—the student will explore Sandusky's affiliation with the Underground Railroad in here. They will also get a chance to make a Jacob's ladder for only $3.00 per student. Sounds fun?

The museum is located just a few miles away from the South Beach Resort. It is a place that will add a lot of educational value in to your beautiful family getaway. So if you are travelling with teenagers or children of middle childhood, The Maritime Museum of Sandusky is a must visit! The cost is as low as $ 3.00 per students and I'm sure you will find the experience surely worth of the money you pay. For all further information on the museum, its activities and seasonal offers, please refer to the official website at


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