South Beach Resort

South Beach Resort Hotel and Cottages in Marblehead is near Cedar Point, Put-In-Bay and all the Great Lake Attractions!

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Twin Oast Brewery

Twin Oast Brewery


At Twin Oast, we believe people deserve to enjoy and experience the best things in life. Mass production and industrialization have created products without purpose. Our beer is crafted with creativity and love -- brewed with inspiration from our location, feeding our Farm-to-Fermenter mission.

Twin Oast

Twin Oast Brewing is above all things, an experience. It is first and foremost about experiencing great beer, crafted by people obsessed with making unique flavors for beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike.


In 2008, Quintin Smith purchased 60 acres of unkempt farmland in Catawba with a plan to retire the same way he was raised, a farmer.

In 2018, after spending a decade landscaping and reclaiming the farm, the Smith family decided that the best way to preserve the agricultural roots of Catawba was to build a brewery. The farm helps feed the brewery, and the brewery helps sustain the farm. You can enjoy a Cherry Vanilla IPA, or an Apricot Wheat Ale in our expansive estate.

Beer. Food. Fun.

Every summer, the brewery throws three festivals focusing on three core ideas -- beer, food, and fun! Apricot fest is a celebration of Catawba-crafted vendors, and all things apricots. Quinstock is our 60's themed music festival, complete with food vendors VW Busses. Oastoberfest brings in Bavarian-themed food vendors, Ohio guest breweries, and lots of polka!

Scratch-made Kitchen

At Twin Oast, we strive to use only the highest-quality, fresh, and local ingredients. We aim to create Farm-to-Fermenter brews, and Farm-to-Table food. Because of our farming heritage, we use biodegradable paper boats and straws, as well as compostable plates and bowls made from fallen palm leaves. It's just a small step in creating a fully sustainable ecosystem. Visit Twin Oast at


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